Light weight, all-round chain saw.


The CS-3510L is designed for true versatility. The power to weight balance provides you with a saw that's light enough for long periods of usage and powerful enough to take on a wide range of jobs. Features are designed to make getting your job done as hassle-free as possible.

Light weight and powerful.

Light weight and powerful.

The CS-3510L weighs just 3.6 kg and features a robust, 34.4 cm³  engine, that's made in Japan to the highest standards.

User friendly features make your job easy.

User friendly features make your job easy.

// Precisely designed anti-vibration system.

// Momentary switch for easy starting.

// ES-Start for reduced effort starting. 

// Transparent fuel tank for easy level checks. 

// Large fuel/oil caps for less-down time. 

// Side access chain tensioner for quick chain adjustment. 

// Automatic clutch-driven oiler to keep chain lubricated and to hold chain oil discharge while idling. 

// G-FORCE Engine Air Pre-Cleaner reduces engine exposure to debris for less maintenance and longer life. 

// Icing plug for improved acceleration in cold conditions. 

// Roller style chain catcher. 

// Oil tank with air trap chamber to avoid chain oil leakage from oil breather. 

Built for versatility.

Built for versatility.

Compact, light weight, powerful and packed with features for your comfort, the CS-3510L is perfect for a wide range of tasks.

Ürün Detayları.

Motor hacmi (cm³) 34.4
Çıkış (kW) 1.6
Çıkış (ps) 2.2
Kuru Ağırlık 3.6
Yakıt deposu kapasitesi (l) 0.28
Maksimum Motor Gücünde Yakıt Tüketimi (L / h) 1.14
Bobin / Otomatik Hızlı Boşta Bırakma YES
Zincir Gergi Side
Testere Zinciri Aralığı (inç) 3/8
Pala Ölçüsü (inch) 0.050
Pala Uzunluğu (cm/inch) 1 35, 40 / 14, 16
Not all lengths available in every country. Available bar lengths may incur differing RRPs. Please check with your local dealer.