Powerful, professional U-handle brushcutter with robust and ergonomic construction.


The ECHO SRM-4605/U has been designed for the full time professional. With a super powerful engine, light weight construction and intuitive controls you can cut time off your job and get it done in comfort.

Blade or nylon line.

Blade or nylon line.

Choosing the best trimmer head for the job will make a world of difference. The SRM-4605/U is powerful enough to use either a nylon line head or an ECHO blade attachment.

U handle.

U handle.

The U- handle increases comfort and decreases fatigue by supporting the unit's weight and providing a consistent range of movement.

ECHO engine.

ECHO engine.

The 45.7cm³ professional grade engine at the heart of the SRM-4605/U is both highly efficient and incredibly powerful. All ECHO engines are manufactured in Japan to the highest possible standards so you can get the job done, day after day.

En iyi özellikler.


Features one of ECHO’s most powerful engines.


Designed to maximise efficiency and comfort.

Ease of Use

Power on and get to work. Intuitive controls and features make your job a breeze.

Ürün Detayları.

Motor hacmi (cm³) 45.7
Çıkış (kW) 1.7
Çıkış (ps) 2.3
Kuru Ağırlık 7.9
Yakıt deposu kapasitesi (l) 0.95
Maksimum Motor Gücünde Yakıt Tüketimi (L / h) 1.40
Karbüratör Diyafram
Tahrik mili tipi Solid shaft
Tahrik mili çapı (mm) 8.0
Ana boru çapı (mm) 28.0
Dişli redüksiyon oranı 1.33
Standartlaştırılmış Başlık B6 M10L
Standartlaştırılmış Naylon Başlık (Ürün Numarası) X047-001121
Standartlaştırılmış Metal Bıçak 3 kesici metal bıçak
Standart Metal Bıçak (Ürün Numarası) X405-00001
Titreşim Sol kol / Sağ kol (m / s) Metal Bıçak 5.3 / 4.2
Titreşim Sol kol / Sağ kol (m / s) Naylon başlık 5.6 / 4.2
Ses gücü seviyesi (dB (A)) Bıçak / Naylon kafa 108.3 / 111.7
Ses basıncı seviyesi (dB (A)) Bıçak / Naylon kafa 97.8 / 101.2