ECHO launch RM-4301K-SI and RM-4301KS-SI

ECHO has launched the RM-4301K-SI and RM-4301KS-SI backpack brushcutters. Both products are identical aside from the latter featuring a split boom shaft, which makes it incredibly compact during transportation and storage. With 42.7cm ³, professional grade ECHO engines (made in Japan) tough, commercial jobs will be a walk in the park.

ECHO's engineers have paid attention to feedback from professionals on the field and built in a number of features specifically for comfort. The highly breathable backpack pad not only supports the main unit's weight but also maintains a comfortable temperature during hot weather. The momentary switch speeds things up when getting started and the light weight, balanced frame makes precise trimming on a varied range of topography extremely easy and precise.

See the RM-4301K-SI here.

And the RM-4301KS-S here.