ECHO release DHCS-2800


The DHCS-2800 is the third 56V hedge trimmer for professionals released by ECHO this year. All utilise the 56 eFORCE battery system and thanks to a myriad of features and high-quality components, are part of the X-Series; ECHO's best-in-class lineup of products.

What's special about these hedge trimmers? Firstly, the engineers at ECHO took on the challenge to design trimmers that are capable of both fine trimming and rough cutting. With other brands, these 2 tasks require a separate machine for each task, but with these new trimmers from ECHO, you're essentially getting 2 tools in 1. Secondly, these are the lightest professional hedge trimmers on the market.


The DHCS-2800 is single-sided, which means the cutting teeth are only on one side. This type of trimmer is less common but offers several advantages within specific usage conditions; by only having one side of cutting teeth, overall weight is reduced, this means the blade length can be a lot longer, whilst maintaining a lightweight and balanced body. Next, the leaf collector on the opposite side of the cutting teeth collects clippings and prevents them from falling inside the hedge, also, when trimming vertically, the collector deflects clippings away from the hedge. The trimmer is incredibly light weight at just 2.9 kg. There's also some really exciting technology and innovations inside that you won't find anywhere else, but we'll cover those


  • Easier to trim in a straight line.
  • Less teeth to sharpen and maintain.
  • Light weight with benefit of long cutting length.
  • Increased maneuverability.
  • Less clippings to clean from top of hedge.


  • Quiet operation
  • Low vibration
  • No emissions
  • Less maintenance
  • Reduced overall costs

We know that battery life is a big factor for a lot of users, but with hedge trimmers in particular, this really isn't an issue - the DHCS-2800 runs for around 61 mins on high mode and 92 mins on low mode and gives 100% power until the battery is completely depleted. This is more than enough time to get all those hedges sculpted to perfection!


ECHO's 56V professional cordless lineup now includes 3 hedge trimmers. Here's a quick look at them and their benefits:

DHC-2200R - Double- sided hedge trimmer (cutting blades on both sides). The lightest and most compact of the lineup. Weighing just 2.9 kg with a 56 cm cutting length. The R means it features a rotatable handle.

DHC-2800R - Double-sided hedge trimmer. Increased productivity thanks to a longer cutting length of 71 cm. This comes at the price of a slight increase in weight at 3.1 kg. Again, featuring a rotatable handle.

DHCS-2800 - Single sided means same long cutting length as the DHC-2800R (71cm) whilst retaining the same weight as the DHC-2200R, that's right, just 2.9 kg.

The DHCS-2800, DHC-2200R and DHC-2800R feature high durability magnesium alloy gear boxes, triple laser-sharpened Japanese blades and new, innovative features that improve productivity. Let's take a quick look at some of these features:

Learn about the 3 models.

Innovative and durable motor.

Innovative and durable motor.

The motor found in the DHCS-2800, DHC-2200R and DHC-2800R has been newly developed. By using rotational energy, and by temporarily increasing output, rough cutting up to Φ18, comparable to pro engine models is made possible. Fine finishing is supported by a blade speed of 4,600 reciprocations/minute and a three-faceted blade. By changing the direction of rotation of the motor each time it stops, if the blade bites into a branch, it can be released by re-grasping the throttle lever, this saves time and hassle and also greatly improves the durability of the gear case.

Fully professional gearbox.

Fully professional gearbox.

Fully metal transmission that provides structural stability and long life of components. Magnesium cover helps keep weight low. Conrods roller bearing provide lowest friction, longest lifespan and low noise.

Servicing made easy.

Servicing made easy.

All 3 hedge trimmers are incredibly easy service thanks to the addition of a simple mechanism to adjust the blade position. Simply, turn the unit over, and twist a screw to open the blades, for easy filing and maintenance.

Capable of fine finishing and rough trimming.

Capable of fine finishing and rough trimming.

Trim with precision or take on rough, tough hedges and branches - the DHCS-2800 excels at both due to its advanced motor, cutting system with up 4,600 cuts per minute and special blade design that pushes thicker items into the optimal cutting zone, avoiding snagging.

See the DHC-2200R and 2800R in action.