ECHO tools release new CS-4920 chainsaw.

With the launch of the 50.1 cm³ CS-4920, ECHO's new lineup of farmer chainsaws now features 4 class-leading models.

The CS-3510 has the least power at 34.4 cm³, but also weighs the least at 3.7 kg and still packs a punch when it comes to getting jobs done. The newly released CS-4010 has a 41.6 cm³ engine, so it offers a bit more power and provides the perfect balance between power, features and weight, it's a true jack of all trades and suitable for almost any task around the farm. Next up, the CS-4510 features a 45.0 cm³ engine, giving more power for felling and firewood. Finally, the CS-4920 is the most powerful in the family, but continues the trend of having superb build quality, power to weight ratio and professional features.

The farmer lineup of saws ECHO offers are designed to give maximum bang for your buck, they all feature exceptional build quality, professional grade features and industry leading low emission engines.

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