New DPB-2600 cordless blower.

The new ECHO tools DPB-2600 hand-help cordless power blower is the latest edition to the 56 eFROCE lineup of 56V products. The blower features several technological innovations that make it truly stand out. Most notably, is the way in which the blower draws air equally from both sides, ECHO is calling this technology TWYND, which is a combination of the words "twin" and "wind".

TWYND technology means the blower draws air from both sides equally. This gives several advantages over the old, single-sided design.

1. More air intake = more blowing force.

2. The patented fan design allows for an ultra compact, slim and symmetrical form factor.

3. Traditional blowers tend to pull in towards the operator's leg, this "gyro-effect" is eliminated, making the blower easier to handle and more accurate.

4. The patented fan design massively reduces fan noise, making the DPB-2600 the quietest blower you've ever used.

Using the blower for the first time, it's shocking just how light and powerful it is. Being considerably lighter and around 6% more powerful than the ECHO PB-2620, it takes the throne as ECHO's most powerful hand-held blower (very impressive for a cordless product).

DPB-2600 product page.