New ECHO DHCA-310 Garden+ 40V long-reach hedge trimmer.

The new ECHO DHCA-310 long-reach hedge trimmer is the latest edition to ECHO's 40V Garden+ series, which is a range of outdoor power equipment developed specifically for domestic and farm use. The lineup now consists of 8 products which are all powered by the same 40V battery.

Long-reach hedge trimmers enable users to trim tall and large hedges very easily thanks to long shafts and adjustable cutting heads. The ECHO DHC-310 takes this premise and makes it even simpler by making every aspect, from getting to work to tool maintenance, as simple as possible. Connect the battery and the tool is ready to go, simply push a button to adjust the cutter angle exactly as you need it and get to work. The tool is light weight at just 3.6 kg and in use, due to balancing, feels a lot lighter. In terms of power, it doesn't fail to impress, cutting smoothly and cleanly through both fine shrubs and thicker branches.

If you'd like to learn more about the ECHO 40V Garden+ range, check out the dedicated website here: