New ECHO DPPF-310 power pruner.

The new ECHO DPPF-310 power pruner is part of the Garden+ lineup of products, which is characterised by using the same 40V battery, being extremely user friendly and retaining the quality that ECHO is renowned for.

The DPPF-310 has been designed to make a task that can often be daunting and sometimes dangerous, simple. There's no need to dust off the old step ladder and risk your dignity trying to trim high branches! The DPPF-310 allows you to prune accurately with your feet safely on the ground. The tool comes in 3 easily attachable parts, which has 2 big advantages; takes up far less space when storing or transporting (your newly found pruning prowess will surely be in high demand!) and makes the maximum length of 270 cm adjustable to 205 cm by removing one section.

Like all Garden+ tools it's compact, light weight and easy to use.

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