What kind of Hedge trimmer is best for you.

What hedge trimmer is best for you; Double sided, single-sided, shafted, cordless, corded or petrol engine?

You’re suddenly startled by the sound of your father shouting extremities from outside the house. Upon inspection, you see that the cord on his electric hedge trimmer is not quite long enough and has been yanked from the socket. 10 years later, you’re ready to take on the trimming of your own hedges, and luckily, have a lot more options when it comes to avoiding power- source related fits of rage.

So, what kind of hedge trimmer will allow you to get the job done with ease and without exposing the neighborhood to your exceptional repertoire of foul language.Let’s break this up by looking at power sources, different kinds of hedge trimmers and what they’re all best at.




Corded (electric) hedge trimmers:


Corded electric hedge trimmers give

unlimited run time (providing you’ve paid your bills)

offer decent power.

Are generally low cost.


The cable restricts maneuverability.

Risk of cable being accidently snagged by the blades.

Range of work limited by length of cable.


Petrol (Gas) Hedge trimmers:


Petrol engine hedge trimmers offer the most power

long run times.

Engines are easy and fun to maintain.


Noise levels are high compared to electric and battery models.

having to deal with fuel and exhaust emissions.

Higher levels of vibration.


Cordless (battery):


battery powered hedge trimmers often have very good run times,

generate very little noise and 0 emissions.

Ranges like 40V and 56V cater to both domestic and professional users.


They currently don’t offer the raw power of petrol engines.

Battery life must be considered.




Double-sided Hedge trimmers

The most common kind of hedge trimmer and for good reason. The double-sided blades allow you to change the direction of trimming with ease. This makes them really well suited to most jobs and even more advanced and precise shaping. So, it makes sense to think of double-sided hedge trimmers as all-rounders for general use. Since this is the most common form of hedge trimmer you can easily find corded, battery or petrol models.


Single-sided hedge trimmers

Single sided hedge-trimmers offer big advantages in certain situations. Lighter blades mean the blade can be much longer whilst still maintaining good balance. Because the blade is much longer, you’ll cut more with each pass. This makes them great for trimming very large and wide hedges. Another advantage is the clipping collector which discards clippings away from the hedge as soon as they are trimmed. This gives a clean, professional finish to hedges and means you don’t need to get your leaf blower out to clean up.


Shafted hedge trimmers

Shafted-hedge trimmers, also known as pole hedge trimmers, are ideal for dealing with tall and wide hedges. The blades sit atop a long shaft and can be articulated to cut at different angles. This means operators do not need to use ladders to trim hedge tops. Shafted hedge-trimmers are most commonly used by professionals.




Domestic small – medium garden hedges.

Overall, we’d recommend a double-sided cordless battery hedge-trimmer and depending on the size of your garden and frequency of work, either a 40V or 56V model.


Check out the ECHO 40V cordless DHC-310, which Is part of the Garden+ battery range, specifically designed for domestic users.



For more heavy-duty tasks, take a look at the ECHO DHC-200 which uses ECHO’s new 56eFORCE battery and offers exceptional power and run times.



Domestic medium – large garden hedges

If you have a large garden to maintain then there are more options that’s work. If you’re comfortable with petrol engine power tools, then the ECHO HC-2020 is a great choice. This double sided gas hedge-trimmer



Professional landscaper, large grounds outdoor maintenance

If you’re an outdoor greenspace professional, then depending on the kind of work you do, you’d probably need more than one hedge trimmer. Whilst a double-sided hedge trimmer could tackle most jobs, when time is money, you want the most efficient tool possible.


Our top choices:


Double sided hedge-trimmer








Single sided hedge trimmer





Shafted pole hedge trimmer

At present ECHO only offers petrol / gas powered pole hedge trimmers, our go to for professionals would be the X-series HCA-2620ES-HD